Server Info
Server Status: Online
Players Online: 33

Version 0.83
Experience Rate: 3x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: Custom
Quest Rate: 5x

Server Time (ST):

Why donate?
Donations help MapleCitizens stay up and running by covering server costs and compensating staff for their work.

How do I donate and how does it work?
Click the blue button above, or visit this link here to reach our store and select the package you'd like to purchase. Once your purchase is successful, you will receive coupon code(s) in your email. Once you have your code(s), visit Shang-Chi in the NPC nook (right-side of the Free Market Entrance) and input the coupon code exactly as provided in your email. That's it!

What payment methods do you accept?
Here's a full list of our current available payment methods:

Can I gift my coupons to someone?
Absolutely! Once you have your coupon(s) in your email, you may provide it to a friend for them to redeem instead of you! However, the staff is not responsible for compensating users if they accidentally shared their coupon. So please be careful!

What do I get for donating?
All donators will receive a Donator title on our discord as well as on the forum. You may use your points for new hairs, faces, chairs, NX equips, name changes and more as we continue releasing new goodies. To use your points, visit the Cash Shop donor tab, and check out the NPCs in the Citizen's Lounge which will ask you for certain coupons (again, purchased from the donor tab in Cash Shop).

Maple Point breakdown
$5 USD = 5,000 MP
$10 USD = 11,000 MP
$20 USD = 22,000 MP
$30 USD = 36,000 MP
$40 USD = 48,000 MP
$50 USD = 60,000 MP
$100 USD = 130,000 MP + Super Donator Title

What else can I use Maple Points for?
Donors may also choose to use their MP for the following:
Name Change = 20,000 MP (Use the @changename command in-game)

Will my donations stack?
Multiple donations, spread out between days/hours WILL count towards the Super Donator Title, but not towards the bonus MP. If you want to take advantage of the bonus MP, please ensure you select the correct option.

By making a donation, you agree that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE DONATION - distinctly different from a TRANSACTION. As such, donations are NON-REFUNDABLE. All chargebacks will be disputed, and you will lose all accounts. MapleCitizens reserves the right to make changes to the game server at any point in time. All coupon codes are single-use.