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Release: December 24, 2020
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Server Check - Dec. 29th | Posted by Zain on 12.30

Update #3 - December 29, 2020â

Dear Citizens,

With this patch, we bring the following updates:


  • Chain Lightning now has two lines of damage at every level.
  • Paralyze now has two lines of damage at every level.
  • Demolition animation has been fixed.
  • Changed the HP required to proc Berserk to be more linear.
    (level 30 - 70%, level 29 - 69%, level 28 - 68% and so on)
  • Final Attack has been removed from all Warrior and Archer classes.
  • Fixed an issue with ACA where damage was being by regular combo
  • Fixed an issue where the Battleship’s HP was significantly lower than intended.
    New Formula: Battleship HP = [(Skill Level) * 4000)] + [(Character Level - 120) * 2000]"
  • Fixed several incorrect skill strings.


  • Fixed an issue where some Cash Shop items were improperly listed as Donor items.
  • Fixed an issue where Heartstoppers’ duration was incorrect. It now has the proper one-minute duration.
  • “Wee Lightbulbs” have been renamed to “Maplemas Lights”.
  • The MapleCitizens BETA Tester Ring can now be moved between characters on the same account.
  • Scissors of Karma and Vicious’ Hammer are now available in the Cash Shop (purchased with NX).


  • Chaos bosses no longer have unlimited entries. Players may attempt each boss twice a day.
  • The map “Dungeon: Bottom of the Temple” is now accessible (Balrog PQ).
  • Fixed an issue with the client where users would see "UI/MapLogin" for some tips

Please make sure you download the new files from the website.

Thank you for your patience and please continue to post your bugs and suggestions on the forum!
See you in game!!

- MC Staff

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