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Server Check - Feb. 10th | Posted by Zain on 02.10

Dear Citizens

We will going down for a server check tomorrow, February 10th, at 14:00 ST (2:00 PM EST) to prep for our new patch. 
The server check will last approximately 2 hours

During this patch, we will be adding/adjusting many aspects of the game, adding some Valentine's Day related content, and processing all name changes.

All chairs, excluding the Relaxer, will be removed from players' inventories. 
For each chair you lost, you will  be automatically credited that many Chair Gachapon coupons upon logging in.

All users will be required to re-download the full files.
This is a requirement - any user found using outdated files will be temporarily blocked until the new files are downloaded.
We will not be using the patcher until issues have been ironed out.


Thank you, 

- MC Staff

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