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  1. T @ Thup:
  2. T @ Thup:
    @Paris turns out the download just want available when I was having my issue. All's good now 👍
  3. P @ Paris:
    @denco can you please be more specific? Wdym -> Cant get to the point where i get to download from mirror
  4. P @ Paris:
    @Thup can you please be more specific?
  5. D @ denco:
    And your disc wants me to confirm nr but doesnt send a code. How can someone get help around here? Not even motivated to try fixing this anymore
  6. D @ denco:
    Having issues aswell. Cant get to the point where i get to download from mirror
  7. T @ Thup:
    having issuse downloading new files
  8. M @ Mister:
    @ John, that's perfect, thanks
  9. M @ Mister:
  10. John @ John:
    @Mister, Unfortunately we do not have that feature at the moment.
  11. M @ Mister:
    Are there any linked skills in the server??
  12. John @ John:
    @waltercity, we will be updating the FAQs and the list of feature once we can!
  13. W @ waltercity:
    where can I see list of custom stuff of this server?
  14. John @ John:
    roof roof
  15. Zain @ Zain:
  16. J @ JESSE394:
  17. O @ OMGz:
    usually after ScarRun, you can re-take the dolls
  18. T @ TheZiver:
    what's the CD on scarga doll prequest?
  19. C @ Chaemi:
    nvm found it :)
  20. C @ Chaemi:
    anyone know when Maple Citizens was released?
  21. Zain @ Zain:
  22. C @ casrionMC:
    oh nevermind, i see the ticker at the top
  23. C @ casrionMC:
    does this server have meso magnet? i can't find it
  24. layzMich3l @ layzMich3l:
    Well, you were banned because you said you quit and told people to move to the server you moved to. What did you expect staff to do? lol
  25. C CheezPuff:
    thanks for who ban me from discord
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