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Dec 30, 2020
MapleCitizens' Terms of Service Agreement
Dear Citizens,

By registering an account in our game, forum, or our discord server, you agree to the following:

Title 1: Overview
We reserve the right at any time to:
  • Change the terms and conditions of this agreement;
  • Change the service, including terminating, eliminating, supplementing, modifying, adding to, or discontinuing any content or data on or feature of the service or the hours that the service is available;
  • Change any fees or charges, if any, related to your use of the service; and
  • Change the equipment, hardware, or software required to use and access the service.
Any changes we make will be effective immediately upon notice, which we may provide by any means including, without limitation posting on the website and forum. Your continued use of the service after such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes.

In this term of agreement, any usage of "we", "staff", "MapleCitizens", "GM" (Game Moderator) is in reference to MapleCitizens staff team.

Title 2: Violating Categories
All MapleCitizens players, including, but not limited to staff members, are subjected to abide by the Penal Code of MapleCitizens. In MapleCitizens, we recognize that each and every different form of unlawful intentions are unique due to the nature, circumstances, and/or severity of any behavior, actions, and/or interactions, which requires discretionary precaution from staff members before imposing any form of penalty or corrective actions against players. In this section, we will define two violating categories of offenses:
These offenses are considered minor according to the community and server standards and could be addressed with a more lenient, temporary, and/or coaching guidance to further deter the continuance of violating any further, different, and/or same regulations, rules, and/or policy. Continued misdemeanors offense may lead to a permanent ban from our server.
These offenses that are considered serious, unethical, unmoral, requiring immediate attention, and/or gross violation and disregard for others. Those who engage in felony offenses will no longer have access to any of MapleCitizens' platforms indefinitely.

Title 3: The Right to Appeal
Players who are banned because of misdemeanor offenses and/or felony offenses are entitled to an appeal process. The burden of proof is on the defendant (accused player). MapleCitizens staff are required to collect sufficient evidence of wrongdoing before imposing any form of penalty against the defendant. MapleCitizens staff team are not required to provide evidence as it may be used by ill-intended individuals who seek to use this evidence unlawfully and/or evade these convictions. However, evidence will be provided on the discretion of the responsible staff member. MapleCitizens reserve the right to deny an appeal if it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant has violated such regulation, close an appeal if the incorrect form is used, and close an appeal if the suspected violator does not provide any relevant information and evidence to sustain their case against MapleCitizens.

Title 4: Suspended Users' Rights
Individuals who are temporarily blocked from accessing MapleCitizens have the right to play on another account while their account serves the remaining time of their ban. Players who continue to violate our policy during and after their temporary suspension will be permanently blocked from accessing MapleCitizens indefinitely.

Title 5: Staff Accountability
Staff members are expected to act with professionalism, courteous and are held to a higher standard compared to regular players as they possess in-game power which gives them the ability to suspend, terminate, or reverse any progress a normal player has. MapleCitizens prohibits any form of abuse from staff members. If you find any staff members, administrators included, violating any policies that display any form of favoritism, exclusion, or benefiting themselves and their associates, you may file a complaint against them with full anonymity.

Title 6: Privacy & Data Policy
By playing MapleCitizens, you agree to share your data (IP address, volume ID, MAC ID, etc) to access any of our platforms. MapleCitizens reserve the right to collect, use, maintain, and/or remove your data for any reasons, at any time. You are entitled to have your data protected as MapleCitizens encrypts sensitive information and maintains a strict policy on handling data.

Title 7: Extended Anti-Harassment Policy
Harassment is defined as any repeated or continuing uninvited contact that serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, and/or emotional distress. Our policy is based on both intent and outcome: if someone intentionally bothers you and continues to do so even requesting to cease such behavior, then the violating party will be punished accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming, stalking, cyberstalking, doxing, âtrollingâ, flaming, using offensive languages, and similar offenses. MapleCitizens has an obligation to protect all players from unruly users and have a zero tolerance for any form of attacks against another individual or a group on the basis of race, sex, gender, creed, religion, political views, and so forth. This policy also extends to in-game name and/or guild name choices as well.

Title 8: In-Game Assistance Policy
Staff members will help whenever they can as long as it is determined that the issue was caused from the server side. Accidentally losing and/or using certain items, entering boss maps, buying and selling incorrect items to NPCs/Cash Shop/Stores/etc and similar circumstances are not covered by this policy.

Title 9: Evidence Policy
At times, you may run into unruly players and need to file a report against them at the police station. We ask that you keep your report all time authentic meaning your evidence in your report should be raw, unedited and uncropped for your submissions. Any form of modifications or fabrications is not permissible under M.C. Code Title 3, Part V.

Penal Code of MapleCitizens
All regulations listed below will be enforced throughout all MapleCitizens' platforms. Citizens who lose access to our in-game platform will have the opportunity to remain in good standing on the discord server and our forum. Serious violators will lose access to all of these channels. Listed below will be each unlawful offense, how they are defined by the server, which category they belong to, and punitive measures for these offenses.

M.C. Code Title 1: MapleCitizens Account Access
Part I: Account Hacking
Account Hacking is the act of unlawfully obtaining and accessing other individual(s) in-game and/or forum account(s) with the intent to restrict the original account holderâs access, seize their virtual possessions (MapleCitizens' items and currencies), or reverse, remove, or modify any progress or data. This includes the attempt or act of using, soliciting, or creating viruses, phishing methods, reverse social engineering, and other hacking or scamming methods.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part II: Account Sharing
Account Sharing is the act of sharing and/or distributing your MapleCitizens account information, or accessing other individual(s) accounts that are not yours, even with their consent.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 3-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part III: Ban Evasion
Ban Evasion is the act of bypassing, exploiting, and/or using loopholes to access MapleCitizens; using third party programs with the intent of continuing to access MapleCitizens after MapleCitizens staff members have restricted that individual from accessing MapleCitizens. As per Title 4, players whose accounts are temporarily suspended (or banned) from MapleCitizens will be allowed to play on another account. However, accounts that are permanently banned from the server are prohibited from accessing and evade access restrictions.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban
M.C. Code Title 2: In-Game Regulations
Part I: Hacking/Cheating
Hacking or cheating is the act of using unapproved third party programs to modify or change the game functions in order to give themselves and their associate(s) an unfair advantage.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part II: Botting & Robotic Play
Botting or Robotic Play is the act of using unapproved third party programs to automatically mimic in-game movements and actions. This includes using any form of object or items to weight down your keyboard. If a staff member suspects you of botting, you will be put in jail and have 30-60 seconds from the moment you land in jail to respond to the staff members. Staff members have the discretion to permanently terminate individuals who engage in robotic play., even if it is their first offense.
Category: Felony
1st Offense: 3-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part III: Scamming
Scamming is the act of using misleading and/or engaging in deceitful behavior to cheat another party out of a transaction, information, and/or favor for certain action, item, and/or currency.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 7-14 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part IV: Server Attack
Server Attack is the act of using unlawful tools or programs to disrupt or restrict players from accessing all of MapleCitizens platform.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part V: Duplication/Duping
Duping or duplication is the act of using unapproved third party programs and/or exploiting any forms of glitches, functions, and flaws within the server to generate and/or duplicate in-game items and/or currencies. This includes the act of soliciting or obtaining unlawfully created items and/or currencies.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part VI: Invalid Files Policy
Using improper, outdated, and/or unapproved files to access MapleCitizens that may disrupt the gameplay for others and the individual themselves. Therefore, users who are using improper, outdated, and/or unapproved files will ban until correction has been made.
Category: Misdemeanor
Ban until files are updated | Continued Offense: Permanent Ban

Part VII: Glitch Abuse
Glitch Abuse is the act of unintentionally exploiting any forms of glitches, functions, and flaws within the server. Players who fail to report and/or continue to abuse will be found guilty of violating this section.
Category: Misdemeanor and/or Felony
1st Offense: 1-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part VIII: Real World Trading
Real World Trading is the act of attempting, soliciting, and/or successfully engaging in transactions that involve real world currencies to buy, sell, and/or trade in-game items, in-game currencies, and/or MapleCitizens account(s) in the real world, regardless of which platform this activity has taken place at.
Category: Felony
1st Offense: 3-7 day ban and some and/or all asset seized and destroyed | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part IX: Multiple Clients & Multiple Devices Policy
Each individual player may only play and/or control one character at one time. You are permitted to have more than one account. You may not log-on or play on more than one account at one time. This includes opening multiple clients of the game on a single device, using virtual machine software, or using two (or more) different devices to play.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 3-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part X: Kill/Drop Stealing
Kill/Drop Stealing is the act of killing any mobs within the map ownerâs map and/or looting any items or currency within the map ownerâs map without their permission.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 6-12 hour jail | 2nd Offense: 1-3 day ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban
M.C. Code Title 3: General Regulations
Part I: Disruptive Behavior
Disruptive Behavior is the act of engaging in behavior, using speech, and/or disrupting others continuously with the intent to cause negative response from the victim(s). This includes vulgar, obscenity, using offensive and abusive language against another player, even if they are not the intended target.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 1-3 day ban | 2nd Offense: 3-7 day ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part II: Speech
The act of using speech (in-game, forum, and/or discord) with the intent of offending someone under the basis of the victimsâ race, sex, gender, creed, religion, political views, and so forth, are not allowed. Please refer to Title 7.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 1-3 day ban | 2nd Offense: 3-7 day ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part III: Malicious Programs
The act of distributing malicious programs that may disrupt, damage, modify, collect information, or exploit other players' computer functionality is strictly prohibited.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part IV: Information Harvesting
Information Harvesting is the act of stalking, doxing, and/or exploiting both public and private information with the intent of using this information maliciously. Any attempt to engage in this activity, including the distribution of information without the victims' consent, is strictly prohibited.
Category: Felony
Permanent ban

Part V: Misleading Staff & Perjury
Misleading Staff & Perjury is the act of providing false, unwarranted, and/or fabricated information to a staff member; whether it is filing a report against another individual, filing a missing item claim, or any other similar scenario relating to interaction with MapleCitizens staff members.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 1-3 day ban | 2nd Offense: 3-7 day ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part VI: Revenge Report
Revenge Report is the act of withholding or concealing information to report another individual(s) with the intent of using that information to blackmail, extort, and/or coerce another individual (typically the violating party). To report a individual or parties of engaging in revenge report, please ensure your evidence display some form of intent of blackmail, extortion, and/or coercion with the information.
Category: Misdemeanor
1st Offense: 1-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Part VII: Association
The concept of Guilty By Association is an engaging, interacting, and/or being involved of any crimes committed by another individual or parties This includes benefiting from any violators and/or the intent to benefit from violators.
Category: Misdemeanor

1st Offense: 3-7 day ban | 2nd Offense: 14-30 day ban | 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

Offense By Extension
  • Obtaining an unfair advantage from a user performing any of the above offenses
  • Blatantly supporting and/or condoning any of the offenses above.

Any efforts by an individual to deliberately attempt to bypass, evade, exploit, or find a "loophole" to any penal code listed above are not permitted. MapleCitizens' Staff team reserve the right to circumvent any penalty guidelines and impose the final and maximum penalty on first offense for any reason. Not reading or knowing what is inside the Terms of Service Agreement is not an excuse to violate these rules.

Playing the game as it was intended is an essential part of growing our community, and is a reflection of all of us. Please stay within the lines, and if you have any questions, let us know.

Happy Mapling, Citizens!

3.2 Revision | Last updated 6 February 2021
Any amendments to the MapleCitizens' Terms of Services will be retroactive. 3.1 Revision addresses grammatical errors and glitched out texts.
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