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Mar 29, 2021
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Welcome to the MapleCitizens Staff Blog Post # 2!

It's been just over 2 weeks since we began BETA â and the team and I have been working non-stop. We've made tremendous progress on many aspects of the game. Here's some of the things we've implemented on the dev server, which will be pushed to live in phases:

1. Party Bonus EXP Adjustments

EXP is why we're all here, am I right? The whole point of MapleStory (back in the day, at least) was to party-up, and tackle tough monsters and bosses together. We felt that the current breakdown didn't really promote party-play. As such, we've reworked the party EXP split as follows:

1 party member = 100% EXP / 0% BONUS
2 party members = 100% EXP + 20% BONUS
3 party members = 100% EXP + 40% BONUS
4 party members = 100% EXP + 60% BONUS
5 party members = 100% EXP + 80% BONUS
6 party members = 100% EXP + 100% BONUS

It's worth noting that we're still working on the EXP split when it comes to taking into account damage dealt by single-parties AND multi-parties. So stay tuned for that update!

2. Revised Maker and Strengthening Gem System


Maker is a huge aspect of MapleStory as a whole - for farmers, bossers, merchants, and more. We wanted to provide everyone an opportunity to not only build their equipment, but also serve as an option for meso-building. We've reworked the Maker system requirements as a result.

As for, strengthening gems - the system wasn't working at all!! That's on me (love me still? heh). Regardless, it has been built from scratch, and the breakdown can be seen below:

Basic crafting (1 Gem):
85% chance to obtain 1 Basic Gem
15% chance to obtain 1 Intermediate Gem

Intermediate crafting (10 Basic Gems):
90% chance to obtain 1 Intermediate Gem
10% chance to obtain 1 Advanced Gem

Advanced crafting (10 Intermediate Gems):
100% chance to obtain 1 Advanced Gem

For more information on Maker, click here for the full Maker Guide!

3. Revised Monster Card System


The previous monster card system was pretty underwhelming. Players were getting annoyed that, not only were they garbage rewards, but they barely dropped and would taunt you. We've reworked the system completely - scaling drops off of the "tier" card you can obtain. Here's a breakdown:

Tab ColorNumber of MonstersRewardTotal Reward Obtainable
Red (Lv 1-15)20+10 HP, +500 EXP+200 HP
Orange (Lv 17-30)44+10 HP, +1000 EXP+440 HP
Light Green (Lv 31-45)81+20 HP, +10,000 EXP+1620 HP
Dark Green (Lv 46-60)65+1 All Stats, +20 HP, +10,000 EXP+65 All Stats, +1300 HP
Light Blue (Lv 61-75)48+1 All Stats, +20 HP, +10,000 EXP+48 All Stats, +960 HP
Dark Blue (Lv 76-90)29+2 All Stats, +40 HP, +100,000 EXP+58 All Stats, +1160 HP
Purple (Lv 92-105)25+2 All Stats, +40 HP, +100,000 EXP+50 All Stats, +1000 HP
Black (Lv 108-120)15+2 All Stats, +100 HP, +300,000 EXP+30 All Stats, +1500 HP
Gold (Lv 20-160 (Bosses))53+3 All Stats+159 All Stats
Total380+410 All Stats, +8180 HP

You can learn more about the revised monster book collection system by clicking here for the guide!

4. The Lone Wolf: Ironman Mode


Many players prefer playing the game at their own pace. No obligations. We've received plenty of feedback to add this system into the game, so we've decided to implement this as well. The goal of this particular game-play style is to be self-sufficient, but also introduce a new play style that caters to solo-players. You can find more information about Ironman by clicking here!

5. Swimming with the Fishies: Fishing System


The fishing system was a tough one. Required use of schedulers, plenty of checks, and figuring out what the best rewards should be. The system is fully operational now, and is an excellent way for players to cash-in on some goodies - all while SITTING. Isn't that the dream?? You can learn more about fishing by clicking here for our Fishing Guide

Final Thoughts

We're making large strides each day, and becoming more and more confident as a server and product. There is still much work to be done, so please stay tuned for our next blog post.

A huge shoutout to our BETA testers for BLASTING our bug-report page!!! love u

See you soon <3
- MC Staff
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