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Nov 4, 2020

Welcome to update #6!​

In this patch, we'll introduce many changes to all aspects of the game, from maps to NPCs to bosses to maker and much more. We are also introducing our Valentine's Day event which you can read more about by clicking here.

NOTE: Please re-download the game files from our official downloads page (here) - the patcher was removed temporarily so that we can spend some time to integrate it into the launcher itself. Any user found using outdated files will be blocked from the game until they are updated.

Here's what we got for you:​



Developer's Notes
With the introduction of higher end content, tempest was doing way too much damage; we've re-adjusted the formula so that they can be used going forward.
  • Combo Tempest: Freeze property removed; damage based off of mob's max HP. Combo Tempest will no longer work in Twilight Zone until level 150


  • Backspin Blow: Mob count increased from 3 → 6.
  • Oak Barrel: Now properly has a 60 second duration; 10 second cooldown and 5% chance of failure.
  • Pirate's Rage: Now properly has a 300 second cooldown (down from 360 seconds).
  • Super Transformation: Now properly has a 240 second cooldown (down from 260 seconds).


  • Flamethrower: Damage increase per skill level is now properly adjusted.


Developer's Notes
We are pleased to announce that venom now applies to bosses; therefore, the NL/Shadower DPS should now be higher as a result.
  • Venomous Star & Venomous Stab: Damage from venom will now apply to bosses.


Developer's Notes
Similar to Aran's Combo Tempest, Heaven's Hammer will no longer work in Twilight Zone until 150. This is to prevent lower level players from farming in maps where they shouldn't be.
  • Heaven's Hammer: Now considers a mob's maximum HP rather than their HP at the time of using the skill. Heaven's Hammer will not work in Twilight Zone until level 150


Developer's Notes
Chaos Horntail HP and EXP values are now proper however we are still looking at increasing it's difficulty (through mechanics) to allow for more variety in bossing as well as Chaos Zakum.
  • Chaos Horntail (and its pre-heads) have had their stats adjusted. HP and EXP are now x 3 as they should be for a chaos boss.
  • Chaos Horntail's body parts will no longer overlap improperly.
  • The left/right side seduce rate for Chaos Horntail and Horntail have been reduced by 20%. 30% of the remaining seduces will be jump seduces.
  • Galloperas no longer heal themselves - there will no longer be inconsistencies in the EXP rates as a result.
  • Gate of the Future (Heneys, Perion, Ereve) now drop "Supreme Shards" at a rate of 1/50. See below for more information on these items.
  • Lion Heart Castle mobs now drop "Supreme Shards" at a rate of 1/100. See below for more information on these items.
  • Mutant Slimes should no longer insta-kill users; if this occurs for any other mobs, please reach out to @Zain


Developer's Notes
We will still monitor the remaining Tyrant gear to see what needs to be adjusted alongside the custom Citizen equipment. Clean Slate 20% boom chance was removed to help alleviate the need to white scroll end game items.
  • Tyrant Citizen weapons have been buffed according to classes. The level requirement for all weapons has been reduced from 210 to 200.
  • Tyrant Gloves have been adjusted to now be best in slot. Weapon attack increased from 15 to 20 and magic attack has been increased from 15 to 45. The scrollable slots has been increased from 2 to 5.
  • Tyrant Hermes Boots magic attack has been increased from 30 to 60.
  • Goldensoul Cape (the mage equivalent to the Blackfist Cloak) has been added to CWKPQ bonus chests. The Goldensoul Cape provides +8 M.ATK and +8 INT.
  • Chaos Horntail Necklaces can be hammered to exceed the 3-scroll maximum.
  • Chaos Dragon Stone has been added. This item drops from Chaos Horntail and be used to scroll your Chaos Horntail Necklace.
  • The boom chance on Clean Slate 20% scroll has been removed; good luck!
  • Chaos Scrolls have been updated to be +/- 5 instead of +/- 3.
  • "Supreme Shards" will now drop from various high-level mobs. 100 Supreme Shards can be combined using Maker to craft one Supreme Monster Crystal.


Developer's Notes
Some of the Maker requirements were not scaled properly for the value the equipment provided.
  • Tyrant Citizen weapons can now be properly crafted with the correct requirements; if you already own a Tyrant weapon, reach out to @Zain for compensation.
  • The recipe for all VIP weapons has been updated. Supreme Monster Crystal requirement reduced from 20 to 10. Piece of Power requirement reduced from 3 to 1. If you created a VIP weapon prior to the patch, reach out to a GM to be compensated for the difference in materials.
  • Tyrant Shoes/Boots maker recipe has been updated. Supreme Monster Crystal requirement increased from 20 to 30. Taaffeite requirement increased from 2 to 5.
  • Eagle Eye and Trixter equipment's maker recipe has been updated. 2 Taaffeites will now be required in addition to its current recipe.


  • The quest rate (for all quests) is now 10x. Happy questing!
  • "Scadur's Truth" can now properly be accepted.
  • "Rage, Resentment, and Revenge" now allows you to enter the portal to the Cursed Forest.


Developer's Notes
The adjustment to elite coins is the first step towards promoting party play while also reducing the amount of time players need to grind for a divine scroll. We hope to compound this with a future adjustment to party play exp as well. In addition to clean slate scrolls no longer having a boom chance, we have added white scrolls and chaos scrolls to various locations to promote more content and reduce the cost of white scrolls on the market.
  • Elite Coins are now shared among all party members in Lion Heart's Castle and Gate of the Future maps.
  • Divine Scroll drop rate for all Chaos bosses has been adjusted.
  • White Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls now have a chance to drop from Chaos Zakum (1/15) and Chaos Horntail (1/1)
  • Boss timers adjusted; in a few cases such as Chaos Horntail, timers have been increased.
  • Horntail/Chaos Horntail and Scarga/Chaos Scarga are now two separate instances - you may do both runs twice per day (i.e. 2 Horntail; 2 Chaos Horntail daily).
  • Chat history limit has been removed. You can now scroll up much higher than normal when typing in game.
  • Guild PQ is operational! Drop data has been updated. Chaos Scrolls, White Scrolls, and Clean Slate 20% scrolls have been added to Guild PQ bonus stage drops.


  • The FM and NPC Nook have been revamped to reflect our Valentine's theme! Check them out - we hope you love them.
  • Foothold issues in "Wolf Territory" have been corrected.
  • Issues with accessing the portals in "Sharp Cliffs" maps have been resolved.
  • Moved the spawn points of Hill North of Henesys Ruins to reduce the risk of insta-death upon log-in.
  • Items no longer go out-of-bounds on "Dead Mine 2".
  • Added collision in Horntail and Chaos Horntail pre-head maps to ensure there are no flying heads. If you notice any flying heads, it means someone in the party has not updated their files.
  • Added platforms in Horntail's Cave to assist melee-attackers.


  • You can once again view styles from Big Headward before purchasing a ticket.
  • @epm command now works for players level 201 and above.
  • Dragon Strike 20/30 Skillbook Icons have been fixed.
  • Hero's Shout skill now properly shows 70% damage (graphical fix - the skill is unchanged).
  • You can now properly obtained the Dragon Stone using the Nine Spirit Egg.
  • Gate of the Future (Henesys, Perion, Ereve) mobs have had their drop tables adjusted.
  • Pink Bean will no longer autoban users.
  • Fixed an issue where players were dealing significantly higher damage due to Venom.
  • Fixed an issue where players were dealing less damage due to mob skills (particularly related to Venom as well)
  • Added a check to ensure completion of Pink Bean quests to obtain the Marble of Chaos for entry into Pink Bean.
  • Corsair's Battleship now properly shows the remaining HP on the buff icon located at the top right of the screen.
  • Corsair's Battleship now properly shows the remaining cooldown on the icon in your quickslot.
  • Various dialogue fixes (PQ Notifications, Trades, Character Stats etc.).
  • @bosshp no longer shows Horntail and Chaos Horntail's dead body parts.
  • Changed name of Divine Charge skill book to Holy Charge to be more consistent with the skill name.
  • Marriages have been fixed; All users marriages and ALL rings (including friendship) have been removed; All users have been compensated 30K NX to re-purchase. APQ is operational as usual


  • Added Mount Gachapon coupon under the pack Donor tab. Test your luck at many exclusive mounts! (Mount Gachapon located in the NPC Nook along with Big Headward, the Chair Gachapon, and Bob).
  • Added Non NX Uni. Saddle: purchasable under the pack Donor tab for 20MP or the Pet Equip tab for 100K NX. Works with all non-NX mounts.
  • Added Universal Saddle: purchasable under the pack Donor tab for 20MP or the Pet Equip tab for 100K NX. Works with all NX mounts. Please pay attention to ensure you purchase the right saddle!
  • A variety of new items have been added under the Donor tab.
    • 6WIZImm.png
  • Chair Gachapon has been revamped! All chairs have been removed from inventories. Upon login, players who had chairs will be compensated a ticket per chair that they had.


  • Crystal of Roots (Horntail NPC) no longer sends you in an infinite loop when trying to exit the Chaos Horntail area.
  • Aldol (Scarga NPC) now teleports users to the map prior to the Spooky World entrance (avoids having to walk just to change channels).
  • Mount Gachapon added to the NPC Nook


  • The Patcher is under development. Please re-download the game files and run MapleCitizens.exe.
  • The [Skill Changes] post has been updated to reflect all changes up to this point.
  • A Valentines-themed event has been implemented! Check out [the event forum] for more information!
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